We take your party on a camel ride in the sahel.
  • Start from Niamey. We pick you up at your hotel or at the place where you stay
  • Car to Karey Gorou (on the other side of the river)
  • Start for a tour on camel back across the desert
  • Climb up the dune for a sightseeing (particularly spectacular at sunset)
  • Back to the base and return to Niamey
  • We can arrange for up to 20 camels
  • Yes you can get sea-sick on a camel (or camel-sick) but most of us just enjoy the ride (you can also walk along)
  • Don't forget some protection against the sun, and your photo camera.
  • Take a drink to celebrate the sun disappearing at the horizon
  • Contact us today on whatsapp to book your camel tour!

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