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are happy to guide you on the discovery of the Djerma country around Niamey!

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We take you on Mungo Park's footsteps. The scottish explorer was the first Westerner known to have travelled to the central portion of the Niger River through the Mandingue, Bambara, Touareg and Songhai' regions!

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Our different safaris

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Hippos from the Niger river

Discover the hippos from the Niger river, and take a refreshing swim in the water.

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Walks in the sahelian landscape

Inside the koris around Niamey (canyons created by the stream of rainwater).

The Koure giraffe reserve

Measure yourself to the majestuous giraffes of the Koure reserve

Camelback riding

Discover the sahel like a real touareg: From the back of a camel!

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